Deliver customer experiences that increase sales and drive loyalty

each customer is unique

Deliver customer experiences that increase sales
and drive loyalty

  • Dynamically change the experience to suit the individual customer context
  • Increase the lifetime value of your customer
  • Transform your eCommerce platform into a One-to-One Commerce system

Customers choose Apptus eSales for its single, unified search and merchandising platform that continually listens to customers and adaptively selects products, promotions and content that not only improves sales but creates customer experiences that are uniquely relevant and personal.

Great Technology – a unified, one-to-one commerce system

eCommerce infrastructure has become complex and costly to manage. A mish-mash of ‘customer experience’ point solutions only add to the complexity, while merely scratching the surface when it comes to delivering and optimized customer experience. Technology inefficiencies limit the ability to gather and act on customer insight.

Apptus eSales delivers a single, elegant solution that can be used alongside any eCommerce platform, creating intuitive systems that automatically deliver a tailored customer experience.  It delivers a unified, real-time, self segmentation engine capable of processing large-scale, multi-dimensional context. It strips away complexity and drives infrastructure efficiencies. Combining components which are traditionally disconnected such as Search, Navigation, Merchandising and Recommendations, it creates a unified system which helps to guide, advise and inspire each individual customer during each individual shopping event.

This is one-to-one commerce at its best, connecting retailers with their online customers, overcoming technical challenges and putting the customers at the very heart of the business.

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Atea increased its conversion rate by +18% and order value by +6% with Apptus.

Zlatko Ninic, CIO, Atea