All parts of Apptus eSales work together

By combining big data with predictive analysis and real-time decisioning, Apptus eSales completes your eCommerce platform. It personalises product assortments across all screen real-estate and marketing campaigns, delivering unrivaled customer experiences.

to create value for your business

Increased sales

Capture more of your customers’ behavioural data. Draw on unparalleled predictive analysis of their shopping intent.

Organisational efficiency

Automate the repetitive and time-sensitive aspects of online merchandising. Free your people to focus on more creative activities.

Actionable insight

See how customers interact with products across your entire site. Adjust product exposure in real time to deliver individually relevant shopping experiences

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IMRG Fashion Connect 2016

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Fashion has always been one of the primary drivers of online retail – but as the market matures and innovative new businesses look to secure their share, where are […]

B2B Online 2016

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Thursday 11 February 2016, Hotel Rival in Stockholm, Sweden

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Apptus customers dominate the hottest e-commerce brands top ten!


Just how important is relevance to creating strong e-commerce brands? Brands that customers love and which they come back to time and again? No fewer than five of the top 10 hottest e-commerce brands in […]

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”Conversion optimisation is in eSales’ DNA, and as we use Apptus eSales to manage product assortments across search, navigation and recommendations, we can be confident that we’re making the best use of all our screen real-estate.”

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”Through working in close collaboration with Apptus we´ve gained a deeper understanding of eSales. Since implementing the solution, revenue has increased by 14%”

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“Conversion rate increased by a staggering 8% (which, for anyone familiar with eCommerce, knows that this is an astonishing improvement) and search exits decreased by 18%.”

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Apptus eSales benefits



eSales can manage all your product assortments, across search, navigation, recommendations emails and more. You no longer need to juggle multiple systems and learn multiple interfaces.



Our clients include some of the world’s largest retailers. No matter the size of your catalogue or customer base, eSales has been engineered to meet the most demanding requirements.



We’re more than technologists. At Apptus we offer support and advice on all aspects of online merchandising and personalisation.

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