Apptus is a successful company within the data management sector.  Our success is closely linked to recruiting well educated students – and we want to attract the best talent. To do this, Apptus is creating close relationships with students through thesis work and trainee programs as well as through involvement with schools and universities.

Send an application

Apptus is always looking for the right people and applications for thesis work are welcome. If you feel that you are well suited for thesis work within our line of business, please send an application to: Your application should include a CV, a short description of yourself and the kind of thesis work that you are interested in. Please enclose an extract from Ladok with your courses and grades

General information about thesis work at Apptus

  • The thesis work should be a concluding part of your academic studies
  • You must have an appointed main examiner at your institution
  • You should have an instructor/contact person at your institution and at Apptus
  • The thesis work cannot start until it’s approved by your examiner
  • The thesis work is concluded with a written report which is presented orally at Apptus
  • Our requirements for confidentiality might affect the content and presentation of your thesis work. This should be settled early in the thesis process
  • You will probably be asked to sign a confidentiality statement
  • The economic compensation will be decided before the thesis work starts and will be paid when the thesis work is finished
  • It’s recommended that you perform the thesis work on Apptus’ premises.
Current openings