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Take a tour of our extensive features they are all based on years of experience working with leading online retailers to help you grow your business


RecommendationsPersonalization, optimization and listing

Personalization, optimization and listing

Some shoppers know exactly what they want, others are seeking inspiration. Understanding your customer’s behavior holds the key to displaying contextually relevant recommendations. 
Key recommendation types: 

  • Tailored 
  • Alternative 
  • Complementary 
  • Generic


SearchProducts, Content & Promotions

Products, Content & Promotions

Every character matters. Shoppers who use a website’s search box are nearly three times more likely to buy – so fast, effective site-search can make a huge difference to conversion rates.


Faceted NavigationAssortment defined by customer

Faceted Navigation
Assortment defined by customer

The most advanced solution for automatic and optimized faceted navigation on the market. Our solution serves millions of facets instantly every day worldwide.

It responds to the needs of each shopper - automatically redesigning your store layout, within pre-defined limits.




Present a snapshot of the most relevant result

Autocomplete ecommerce


Guide visitors through the traps of miss-spelling and other errors

Did-you-mean ecommerce



Banner OptimizationAuto-optimize Every Promotion Presented

Banner Optimization
Auto-optimize Every Promotion Presented

All promotional banners presented by Apptus eSales are optimized to make the most out of every area on the site. Automatic testing will ensure that any banners that convert poorly will be replaced by better converting banners.


Ads by Search+Live

Banners by Search

Present banners in Context, not based on rules. All banners in eSales are aware of the products included in the campaign and their related products, making it possible to present banners in context, for example:  a relevant banner can be presented on the search results page when a customer searches for 'Black coat'.

eCommerce banner by search phrase

Live Banners

Every banner presentation includes a set of best converting products. These are personalized for each shopper and will make sure you get the most out of your campaigns.

Personalized live banner for eCommerce



Auto-optimization of Content PresentationPerfectly tune your site

Auto-optimization of Content Presentation
Perfectly tune your site

Let eSales become your merchandising autopilot, follow in real-time what happens and watch your revenue grow as the most relevant and converting content will be prioritized.  Of course you can still step in and undertake manual merchandising when required.

Multivariate Real-time TestingDon't settle for two characters from the alphabet

Multivariate Real-time Testing
Don't settle for two characters from the alphabet

Automatically and instantly perform multivariate testing and push optimal content elements to every merchandising zone.


Market Specific BehaviorsLocalize behaviors, preferred brands and more

Market Specific Behaviors
Localize behaviors, preferred brands and more

No two markets are the same. A preferred brand in the UK might be unknown in Sweden.  A top list in-store may be totally different from the mobile store etc.

The Multiple Markets feature allows behavioural activity to be captured by market, E.g. Country or channel.  This ensures that relevant products and promotions are delivered for that channel or segment.


Site Overlay+Reports

Commerce Intelligence

The truth behind your site’s performance

Site Overlay

See your site performing right in front of your eyes. Site overlay is a layer on top of your own live site with real-time KPIs.

Site overlay ecommerce intelligence

Insight With Reports

With several reports presenting real-time data you will always have the right basis for decisions.

Reports ecommerce intelligence



Synonym EditorBuild your own dictionary

Synonym Editor
Build your own dictionary

The simple editor let you administrate synonyms for abbreviations, commonly miss-spelled words etc. This can be done on a global level or for an individual language.



My Cart Abandonment

Increase conversion by presenting products that the shopper has left in the cart at some point and has not returned to purchase.

My Recent Searches

Let shoppers see their own unique history of search phrases.

My Recently Viewed Products

Present small breadcrumbs as a reminder and easy navigation for each individual shopper.


Top lists are always interesting and somewhat self-fulfilling. Top Sellers and Top Searches are examples of features that will guide shoppers to a sale.




Simple Integration

Pre-defined connector libraries

Simple integration java .net php


Our expectations have been exceeded throughout the process and we’re looking forward to the next stage of working with the Apptus team.

Doug Nourse, MD, BiGDUG Ltd.