Apptus Behavioral Merchandiser for EPiServer

Apptus Behavioral Merchandiser brings state of the art search and recommendations to EPiServer Commerce stores, boosting customer satisfaction, conversion rates and order values. Powered by Apptus’ powerful self-learning software, it automatically optimizes and personalizes your offer, freeing merchandisers from the need to build and maintain multiple rules and settings.

Behavioral merchandiser features ”plug and play” integration with EPiServer Commerce, minimizing implementation time and risk. It provides a rich set of search and recommendations options chosen to allow EPiServer Commerce to benefit from best practice merchandising techniques without hassle or delay.

Adaptive search

Smart, error-tolerant searching to minimize search abandonment.

Autocomplete – Predicts visitors intent


Suggests phrases while typing based on product data and the terms customers really use.

Did you mean – Understands what visitors mean

Suggests words for misspelled phrases.

Relevant search results to maximize accuracy

Apptus Behavioral Merchandiser’s unique “Sort by relevance” function combines simple searching catalogue content with results from analyzing patterns of user behavior to boost result accuracy.  It also takes account of sales trends to promote “hot” or best-selling items.


Apptus Behavioral Merchandiser automatically generates recommendations that are easily deployed on landing, category, product details and checkout pages using a set of pre-built widgets.

  • Returning visitor (recommended for you based on past purchases)
  • What’s hot? (trending topsellers)
  • Recommend from cart (you may also be interested in)
  • Product page recommendations (you may also like)

Merchandiser control

Merchandiser control

Apptus Behavioral Merchandiser for EPiServer Commerce comes with the Apptus Behavioral Merchandiser Manager to give control of the site to the merchandisers. Apptus Behavioral Merchandiser Manager is built in a folder like system with site overlay to easily navigate to merchandiser zones you wish to edit.

Single, self-learning module powers search and recommendations

Uniquely, Apptus Behavioral Merchandiser's technology uses the same behavioral software engine to power both search and recommendations.  Traditionally these capabilities have been provided separately.  By combining them together, both become more powerful, while integration, management and learning costs are far less.

Built for EPiServer

Behavioral merchandiser for EPiServer contains everything needed to get powerful merchandising capabilities up and running without hassle. They provide pre-built components including:

  • Pre-configured search and recommendation options
  • Data connector for product catalogue
  • Pre-built components to include in page templates
  • Sample templates

More information

Apptus eSales Behavioral merchandiser for EPiServer is available through our partners. Contact us at to find out the options.

Epi quote

»Taking e-commerce to the next level means personalisation is an essential part of the online shopping experience, but providing a personalised visitor experience based on huge and complex product catalogues can be a real challenge. This new behavourial merchandising add-on will reduce the work required for our customers to personalise while providing a powerful tool that enables them to increase conversions and boost order values.»

Bob Egner, VP Product management, EPiServer

Creating relevance in sales-related interactions is a great challenge for online retailers. Choosing a combination of EPiServer Commerce and Apptus Behavioural Merchandiser means a unified and easy-to-install solution for personalised search, navigation and recommendations. Until now, solutions with this level of advanced capabilities have only been available to large retailers with multi-million dollar budgets. The cooperation between Apptus and EPiServer enables unparalleled relevance for online retailers.

Michael Mokhberi, CEO, Apptus Technologies