Since its inception, Apptus has been a creative melting pot for researchers, innovators and business driven enthusiasts. Apptus is a knowledge driven organization and our primary competitive means are innovation and competence.

We are a dedicated group of people working at Apptus with unique and very specialized competence within our field. Our constant mission is to deliver the best solutions that match every individual customer’s need.

Customer focus is our top priority, even if it means getting up in the middle of the night to solve a sudden problem. We care about your business as much as our own and know what a difference an intelligent online platform can make to sales and customer satisfaction, whether it's in e-commerce or local search.

We work in an environment where creative ideas are realized in a short time. We need people who are ambitious, quickly understand priorities and follow their intuition. The majority of our employees have a higher academic degree, but personal attributes such as good faith, whole-heartedness and maturity are just as essential to us.

We always seek the best talents to build on our success story. To the right people, we offer interesting challenges and great opportunities for personal development and influence.

Spontaneous Applications

Spontaneous Applications

Apptus is always looking to employ the right people. We are continuously recruiting even if we are not actively advertising vacant positions. Spontaneous applications are always welcome and we have employed several people this way. 
We read all unsolicited applications and if a profile matches one of our vacancies, or the profile suits our line of work perfectly, we invite the applicant to an interview and follow the process described for advertised vacancies. 
An applicant may be invited to an informal interview. Our selection criteria and procedures are intended to ensure that individuals are selected, promoted and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities. Send your unsolicited application to

With Apptus eSales behavioral based merchandising we don’t need to recruit additional staff, saving the cost of at least two full time employees.

Johan Sävenstrand, eCommerce & Technical Manager, Ginza