Kjell & Company uses Apptus eSales boost online e-Commerce

Kjell & Company, the Nordic region’s leading retailer for home electronics accessories, has chosen Apptus eSales to optimize shoppers’ satisfaction and increase conversion rate.

Apptus eSales smart and self-learning technology is fundamental to Kjell & Companies relaunched e-commerce site. Allowing personalized search, navigation, recommendations and campaigns for every individual shopper, Apptus e Sales boosts sales and adds a unique competitive advantage to Kjell & Company.

“With more than 7000 of our own products and 5000 external products we provide accessories for, it is extremely important that customers immediately find what they’re looking for,” says Ulrika Klinkert, Head of Marketing at Kjell & Company. “We chose Apptus eSales because it gives our customers fast, accurate responses: it shortens their search by suggesting relevant products based on what other consumers with similar interests have bought. Apptus eSales reinforces Kjell & Company as Sweden’s best site for home electronics accessories.”

With Apptus eSales, Kjell & Company customers can find what they are looking for in the company’s comprehensive selection. Apptus eSales learns from each visitor’s searches, navigations, clicks, product inspections, shopping cart contents and completed purchases. The powerful logarithm driving Apptus eSales, tracks each visitor’s digital path and automatically generates relevant search results and recommendations. Not only is Apptus eSales self-learning, it also helps customers find the right products even if they are spelled incorrectly using functions such as autocomplete and Did-you-mean.

“Kjell & Company’s brand is strongly associated with a wide variety of products and outstanding customer service,” says Michael Mokhberi, CEO of Apptus Technologies. “Apptus’ job is to enable Kjell & Company to offer a top line online shopping experience for every customer – just as it does in its physical retail stores. Our intelligent self-learning technology also means that the site constantly improves and gains experience through user interaction, just like the real salespeople in store.”

We have hundreds of sales reps who visit and expedite customers in thousands of meetings every day. It is important for us to be as relevant in our online interactions as we are in our physical stores. In our online retail, Würth focus on being two things: personal and relevant. The online consumer journey is a completely different experience to that of an in-store customer, so the journey needs to reflect this. Würth has optimized the customer experience, by delivering what our customers care about with relevant actions and a tailored, intuitive and dynamic customer experience.

Fredrik Holm, Marketing Director, Würth Sweden