Get more customers over the line

ratings & reviews

Get more customers
over the line

  • Improve search result relevance
  • Higher conversion by removing concerns about the products
  • Increase returning customers by encouraging them to interact with other customers and your site

Ratings and Reviews have become important sources of unbiased verification, driving purchase confidence. Ratings build confidence based on independent peer feedback, whilst Reviews are increasingly important purchase influencers - 28% of consumers abandon purchases in the absence of customer reviews.

Thumbs up, stars and points

There are many ways to leverage the power of customer ratings, likes and reviews – but the immediacy of visual cues is critical to driving instinctive consumer behaviour. Thumbs up and down, star rating and points, whether linked to detailed reviews or not, are just some of the options.


Kjell & Company’s brand is strongly associated with a wide variety of products and outstanding customer service. Apptus’ job is to enable Kjell & Company to offer a top line online shopping experience for every customer – just as it does in its physical retail stores. Our intelligent self-learning technology also means that the site constantly improves and gains experience through user interaction, just like the real salespeople in store.

Michael Mokhberi, CEO, Apptus Technologies