Right productright time

context-aware recommendations

Right product
right time

  • Increase sales, average order value and repeat custom
  • Leverage powerful promotional content and banner ads
  • Deliver personal, relevant and automatic recommendations

Inspire with relevant recommendations

Some shoppers know exactly what they want, others are seeking inspiration. Understanding your customer’s behavior holds the key to displaying contextually relevant recommendations.

Key recommendation types:

Tailored Recommendations

Deliver personalization to each shopper

Tailored personalized recommendations for ecommerce

By understanding your customer’s shopping habits through past purchases and behavioral data collected from previous visits and visits by all your other customers, Apptus eSales is able to determine the most relevant set of products to recommend for each individual customer. This not only applies to popular products but also to less popular lines, our sophisticated solution with automatically adjust to use the most relevant algorithms to ensure the most accurate predictions for each product.


Alternative Recommendations

Provide relevant options at all times

Alternative product recommendations ecommerce

Should a customer find themselves on a product details page via a source other than the sites own search or navigation they may find themselves being presented with only one specific product. Presenting an alternative set of products will increase the likelihood of them being presented with a product to fit their current purchase objective.


Complementary Recommendations

Up sell accessories and add on products

Complementary product recommendations ecommerce

Presenting optimized and relevant complementary recommendations together with the displayed product is the easiest and most effective way to create upsells. eSales will automatically calculate the most relevant complementary products based on past sales history for your site.


Generic Recommendations

Shoppers do what shoppers do

Generic product recommendations ecommerce

Many different types of recommendation come into this category, top sellers, most searched for, others viewed, others bought etc. But deciding which type to use on site pages can be a challenge.

Apptus eSales solves this problem by providing functionality that automatically selects the most relevant type from a pre-determined list of options, ensuring that the selected recommendation panel is the one most likely to result in a sale.


The Apptus Content Discovery system is actually smart enough to discard information that you donĀ“t need, besides finding exactly what you want. That is quite impressive.

Adrian Furby, Content Acquisition Manager, Sensis