Make every search count

easily find products, content and offers

Make every search count

  • Optimize search results automatically, drawing on real-time, holistic customer behavior
  • Eliminate ‘no results found’
  • Deliver personalized search and navigation based on past and current customer behavior

It’s well known that shoppers who use a website’s search box are nearly three times more likely to buy – by combining text matching with past behaviour eSales can improve that by a factor of 2.

Product, Content & Promotion Search

Deliver more relevant results

Search engine for ecommerce, online retail

Apptus eSales Search is an advanced search engine that improves search relevance by utilising every search, view, click, add to cart and purchase undertaken by customers across the site. Our advanced algorithms enhance search results and boost search relevance on the fly – each customer always gets the best possible search results enhanced by recent behavioural data.

A smooth, easy and powerful search delivering relevant search results in any language shows that you value your customers’ time, wherever they are. It drives conversion and repeat custom, whilst encouraging word-of-mouth recommendation.


Faceted Navigation

Put your customer in control

Faceted Navigation for ecommerce, online retail

Apptus eSales Faceted Navigation draws on past and present customer behaviour to offer multiple, customer-friendly product and category browsing options – tailoring site navigation to every shopper, which in turn leads to higher conversion rates.

Apptus eSales organises your entire site into a hierarchy of content panels - a content selector chooses which panels to display in every user context. As a result, Apptus eSales responds to the needs of each shopper - automatically redesigning your store layout to suit each customer.


Autocomplete Functions

Intuitive suggestions as you type

Autocomplete, visual product search

Instant and relevant search suggestions are delivered as the customer enters their search phrase providing intuitive suggestions based on text matching and behaviour of customers using the same search phrase.


Autocorrection by Did-You-Mean

Providing guidance for typo’s and miss-spells

Autocorrection ecommerce search did you mean

By avoiding “No results found” and providing relevant results for miss-spelled words and typing errors raises your conversion rate and improve the customer’s experience.

Because eSales has learned the habits of millions of other customers who typed the same phrase, our self-learning system can deliver the results that are most likely to result in a sale, alternatively it can merchandise products or promotions for this individual customer.


Kjell & Company’s brand is strongly associated with a wide variety of products and outstanding customer service. Apptus’ job is to enable Kjell & Company to offer a top line online shopping experience for every customer – just as it does in its physical retail stores. Our intelligent self-learning technology also means that the site constantly improves and gains experience through user interaction, just like the real salespeople in store.

Michael Mokhberi, CEO, Apptus Technologies