Sweden´s fastest growing DIY company Bygghemma selects Apptus

Apptus, the leader in state-of-the art-technology to power relevant, profitable eCommerce experiences, has been selected by Bygghemma to power its online merchandising store www.bygghemma.se Bygghemma is one of the fastest growing DIY retailers in Sweden.

“We are very impressed with Apptus advanced search and recommendation technology”, said Patrik Rees, CEO of Bygghemma. “Thanks to Apptus eSales, all our processes will now be powered and automated instead of manually updated. We now have a scalable solution that is the future of eCommerce and the next generation of retail.”

The unique technology of Apptus empowers customers in more than 40 countries. The solution will bring a superior user experience to the retailer´s website, using the Apptus eSales to generate relevant recommendations for a first class user experience. The engine also reflects the latest changes in the merchandise and in customer behaviour.

Apptus innovative technology has been developed over a decade and rests on several algorithms. Apptus eSales helps provide the most relevant products, content and offers to shoppers online.

“Apptus is a pioneer in eCommerce. It’s the first intuitive technology that pays attention to your customers, finds out what they like, is self-learning and remembers everything,” said Michael Mokhberi, CEO of Apptus. “Apptus increases the conversion rate by individual relevancy at all times.”

We’re first with an algorithmic model that automatically presents a selection of products which is both based on sales probability and accounts for the way product displays can lower the probability of a purchase.

Michael Mokhberi, CEO, Apptus Technologies