Trademax in a strategic e-commerce venture

Lund, Sweden, March 7, 2012

Apptus Technologies has developed a product allowing online merchants to instantly analyse customer buying patterns in real time. The self-learning algorithm interprets customers’ needs and suggests options before the buyer has asked for a commodity or product. is one of Sweden's fastest growing online furniture retailers. By using Apptus eSales, it will now rapidly expand its sales volumes and provide customers with a smart search engine that, not only helps them in the buying process, but also delivers relevant recommendations.

"We want to challenge the giants in the market and have the ambition to become Sweden's best online furniture store. To help us achieve that goal, we have installed the best e-commerce engine,” says Thomas Andersson, CEO of Trademax. 

"E-traders’ biggest challenge is to have a smart solution for fast and creative campaigns and to segment its customers. With eSales, we have the opportunity to increase revenue streams by altering an offer and personalising the site for each individual visitor," he adds.

"Apptus eSales analyses customer buying patterns and behaviour in real time to give every visitor the most relevant hits and recommendations as possible," says Michael Mokhberi, CEO of Apptus.

"The product is based on self-learning technology that analyses the outcome of customer behaviour and learns from each user interaction. Trademax can then interpret and understand each user's intention better, and anticipate what they will ask for in the next step. This increases the relevance of all customer interactions and results in increased sales and earnings. With Apptus eSales, Trademax’s visitors access the same high level of expertise and relevant interaction online as they would get in a physical store,” he explains.

Customers' views, clicks, searches and navigations are recorded by the self-learning algorithm and the visitor will be directed to the right product immediately. Apptus eSales helps visitors find the right product even with misspellings by using features like Auto Complete and Did-you-mean.

About Trademax
Trademax is a family business founded in 2004 with the ambition to give customers in Scandinavia quality home furnishing at affordable prices. Trademax has grown tremendously since its founding. The company estimates a doubling of sales from 55 million Swedish crowns in 2011 to 110 million Swedish crowns in 2012. Trademax trades in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

We have hundreds of sales reps who visit and expedite customers in thousands of meetings every day. It is important for us to be as relevant in our online interactions as we are in our physical stores. In our online retail, Würth focus on being two things: personal and relevant. The online consumer journey is a completely different experience to that of an in-store customer, so the journey needs to reflect this. Würth has optimized the customer experience, by delivering what our customers care about with relevant actions and a tailored, intuitive and dynamic customer experience.

Fredrik Holm, Marketing Director, Würth Sweden