Since 2000 Apptus has been at the cutting edge of high-performance computing, search and navigation technologies, recommender systems and online behavioral analytics. Apptus focus on the principal business value of every online store: To sell products to customers on a growing market with long-term profit.

We are currently looking for Data Scientists with a profound understanding of Machine Learning methods to join our Research team. Apptus is performing research on Big Data within two fields: information retrieval and recommender systems.

What you can expect:

In our team, you will be able to use your scientific knowledge and engineering skills to analyze product catalogues and large volumes of user-generated data,
You will develop algorithms for behavioral driven information retrieval problems.
You will collaborate with pioneers in the business that delivered some of the first information retrieval systems to work on internet scale.
You will work with some of the biggest brands in e-commerce, and be able to affect the shopping experience of millions of users.
You will work from our office in Lund, Sweden.

What we expect of you:

You have earned an advanced degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or related area.
You are a creative problem-solver who is passionate about solving complex problems and able to devise new approaches to reach results.
You are an experienced JAVA programmer.
You have the skills to perform advanced analytics.


If you think you have what it takes to create great search results, and high converting product recommendations, please join our team and dazzle us!
Send your application to today.