Apptus helps STAYHARD make a stylish impact

The challenge

Since its launch in 2005, Stayhard has focused on putting customers’ needs first and its product line consists of 150 handpicked brands. Initially, Stayhard managed product recommendations and product listings manually. But with a constantly growing range they knew that manual merchandising would become too expensive and progressively prone to error. They needed a more effective way of managing assortments, using more than sales data and intuition, and ideally with products selected on a percustomer basis.

Efficiency and scale

Stayhard selected Apptus eSales for both its ability to provide automated, personalised customer experiences and its ability to scale – it was imperative that their future needs could be met. Apptus eSales analyses customer behaviour in real time and displays relevant, personalised product assortments. “Apptus eSales helps us manage recommendations and product listings in an automated way for the entire product range,” says Johan Davidsson, Operations Manager at Stayhard.

”We’re delighted with Apptus eSales, says Johan Davidsson, Stayhard’s Operations Manager. “We compared manual product-range management with Apptus eSales automated sorting and recommendation technologies, and the results are striking.”, JOHAN DAVIDSSON Operations Manager, Stayhard?With customers from 28 countries, is one of Sweden’s largest online menswear retailers but its vision is to become the menswear destination of choice for the entire Nordic region. This aspiration was the catalyst behind its decision to implement Apptus eSales, the leading online merchandising system used by some of the world’s largest retailers.

Can algorithms outperform merchandisers?

Stayhard wanted to know whether eSales could outperform their existing manual system. What wouldyield the best results? Automated recommendations based on analysis of customer behaviour, or manua lrecommendations based on sales data, experience and gut instinct? Two product panels were pegged against each other: one managed by Apptus eSales (STYLE YOURSELF) and the other managed by Stayhard (LOOK CLOSER). Davidsson was amazed at the results. Interest for the Apptus panel was 78% greater than Stayhard’s…

Degrees of interest

Apptus eSales automated panel (STYLE YOURSELF): 3.24%

Stayhard manually controlled panel (LOOK CLOSER): 1.82%

Having tested recommendations, Stayhard then investigated Apptus eSales capabilities for managing product assortments. During a sales campaign, Stayhard drove 50% of its web traffi c to pages that Apptus eSales managed, while the rest of the traffi c was directed to pages on which products were manually listed. Again, the results were striking. On pages that Apptus eSales managed, 10% more customers added items to shopping carts.

“It’s fantastic that Apptus eSales predictive analysis can generate such a marked increase in interest” says Davidsson.

“Clearly, Apptus eSales’ analysis is extremely comprehensive. It analyses data and generates precise recommendations. Doing the same thing manually would cost a fortune. Apptus’ technology is business-critical if you want to fuel growth and boost sales.”


• Entrepreneurs Daniel Möller and Joakim Naumburg launched the company in 2005.

• Stayhard is one of Sweden’s leading fashion players on the web.

• In just eight years (2005–2013) — without external capital injections — Stayhard sales leaped from SEK 0 to SEK 105 million (USD

• 15.2 million; EUR 11.4 million).

• Stayhard sells 150 brands and has customers in 28 countries.

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