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Apptus eSales is redefining online merchandising. It is enabling some of the world’s leading retailers to dramatically improve sales performance, reduce cost, and drive organisational efficiency.

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A single unified solution for intelligent product exposure...

Apptus eSales draws on big data and machine learning to constantly tune exposure strategies aligned to wider conversion, revenue and profit driven goals. There’s no need to rip and replace. Apptus eSales works with your existing eCommerce platform to transform previously reactive, manual and rule-based merchandising.

It enables automated, predictive merchandising that works with even the biggest product ranges to display the right products in the right context at the right time.


Optimise your online store according to business objectives like margin, profitability and the ability to react to shopping trends in real time.


Automate repetitive and time-sensitive aspects of online merchandising. Free your merchandising specialists to focus on strategic and creative activities.


Apptus eSales is available via a best of breed, secure cloud environment, to deliver outstanding performance at a lower cost.


Apptus eSales uses machine learning and big data analytics to understand every customer interaction in real time and adjust product exposure to deliver individually relevant shopping experiences.

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Our product

Apptus eSales works with your existing eCommerce platform to transform previously reactive, manual and rule-based merchandising.

Apptus eSales

Enables automated, predictive merchandising


Tailor your search results


Optimise your navigation


An algorithm for every step of the journey


Every customer is unique

Objectives-Driven Optimisation

Optimising - the process of making the best or most effective use of your resources.

Automated, Predictive Merchandising

Enable merchandising that works across search, navigation, recommendations, content and more to display the right products in the right context at the right time – to deliver more sales and more margin, fast.


Match each customer’s needs

Apptus eSales Search is the only eCommerce search solution that delivers TRUE Personalisation across products, content and promotions – in real time.

Did you mean

Suggesting alternative search phrases with matchen when current phrase have low relevancy matches

Product suggestions

Dynamically show relevant products when user is typing a search phrase


Relevant sorting/products

Simply and elegantly integrate your product hierarchy into your site based on sales and carry the personalisation forward to product listings

Product list sorting

Optimising the sort order of which products will appear based on relevance, sales or customer behavior


Based on product/customer/top sellers

Suggest products based on the collective interest of all your site visitors in correlation to the product visitor is currently viewing

Shopping cart recommendation

Suggest products based on what other customers bought together with the items currently in the cart

Shopping cart abandon

Suggest products that a specific customer has placed in the shopping cart but never purchased


Ensure your promotions always earn their keep

Apptus eSales automatically tests all your promotional content to ensure that every area of screen real-estate is used to greatest effect for every customer

Every customer is unique

Show ads related to search or the products you are watching, while also considering the effect & popularity of the ad


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Apptus eSales has been invaluable in our journey, and central to achieving a conversion rate which is more than three times higher than the market average.

Rubie Oliphant

Product Specialist, AdLibris



Adlibris AB



17% Book sales increased

49% Growth