2014.11.04 | Press

Norwegian retailer Coop Norge launches new e-commerce solution from Apptus

  • Coop Norge selects Apptus’ solution for personalised shopping experiences, allowing customers to more quickly find relevant products.
  • Apptus’ solution for behavioural and automated merchandising simplifies shopping experiences for Coop Norge customers in all channels.
  • Apptus strengthens its position in the Nordic region's fastest-growing e-commerce market.

“This is a breakthrough for Apptus on the business-critical Norwegian market,” says Michael Mokhberi, Apptus CEO. “By selecting our unique solution, Coop Norge can offer each client a tailored experience, so it’s easier to quickly find the most relevant products.”

Apptus eSales – Apptus Technologies’ leading e-commerce solution – is part of a new e-commerce platform developed with Avensia, a Swedish e-commerce provider. The e-commerce platform rollout for Coop Obs! Bygg (a building products site) in early 2015 constitutes an initial step in Coop Norge’s e-commerce venture. The Coop Obs! Bygg site currently holds 8,000 items.

“We chose Apptus’ automated solution because it makes it easier for our customers to quickly find what they want among our growing, complex product range,” says Jarle Haakenstad, service manager for e-commerce at Coop Norge Handel. “With this solution, we can apply the same high level of product-exposure precision as we already do in our physical stores.”

In the Coop Norge deal, Apptus’ solution for behavioural merchandising and automated e-commerce is part of an e-commerce platform that’s based on EPiServer Commerce. Apptus eSales will be used for product searching, filtering, and recommending on the Coop Obs! Bygg site and for generating ads and relevant product recommendations on the start page.

Previously, Apptus and Avensia have delivered joint e-commerce solutions for brands such as Apoteket Hjärtat, Lyko, Ocay! and Procurator.

A unique e-commerce solution

Apptus eSales helps e-retailers guide, advise, and inspire their customers on every shopping occasion by integrating — search, navigation, marketing, and recommends — functions that were traditionally treated as non-interacting components. Apptus eSales gathers and analyses sales and inventory data in real time, and combines the resulting information with insights on (i) how customers behave when they shop online and (ii) the context in which products are displayed. As a result, e-commerce companies can gain unique real-time insights regarding what consumers prefer and create personalized customer experiences and tailored customer offerings.

For more information, please contact Soren Meelby, Apptus Marketing Manager, +46 70 166 4141, firstname.lastname(at)apptus.com

About Apptus

Apptus is a leader in behavioural merchandising and automated e-commerce in the Nordics. Its intelligent software facilitates real-time gathering and analysing of customer behaviour intelligence and enables e-retailers to display relevant products and customer propositions for individuals. Apptus was launched in Sweden in 2000. Since then, the company has helped market leaders to realize sales strategies and optimize them in digital channels. Apptus has a presence in 10+ countries (e.g., Sweden, the UK, and Germany). www.apptus.com

About Coop Norge

Coop is one of Norway’s largest food suppliers and now operates more than 800 stores as part of a five-chain concept: Coop Obs, Coop Extra, Coop, Coop Mega, and Coop Marknad. Coop also has 30 major building warehouses and several specialist profiles. Besides retail, Coop runs property and industrial operations. Customers own Coop via their membership in one 106 cooperatives. Coop Norge currently has 1.4 million members.

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