2015.10.07 | Press

Protecting customer data and compliance with EU law

As widely reported this week, the European Court of Justice has invalidated the ‘safe harbour agreement’ between the EU and the US, effectively banning the transferring of data relating to European citizens to the United States.

The good news for Apptus clients is that all data collected by eSales has always been stored and processed using data centres within the EU, therefore it’s ‘business as usual’ for us and no changes are required to our services. We are, and have always been, fully compliant with the EU data protection laws.

Unfortunately there will be many EU retailers affected by this ruling, retailers who, up until this very week, were using US-based services on the understanding that they were compliant with current data protection laws. It’s now clear that what was compliant no longer is. For such companies there will be some difficult decisions ahead, decisions which will need to be made sooner rather than later.

Here at Apptus we can’t profess to be experts in data law, nor that we could 'see this coming’, but we are experts in personalisation, and our software is 100% compliant. So for any retailers who find themselves having to rapidly re-think their personalisation programmes, please, get in touch.


For more information, please contact Soren Meelby, Apptus VP Marketing, +46 70 166 41 41, e-mail

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