Radically Smarter Merchandising for Beauty

Apptus eSales provides great online experiences that delight shoppers by recommending the most relevant product with every site interaction. By utilising automation, eSales empowers beauty retailers to increase their conversion and revenue, taking ecommerce to the next level. It is simply radically smarter merchandising.

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Be more relevant

To any individual customer and provide a highly relevant, satisfying and low-friction shopping experience to increase conversions.

Reduce manual, repetitive and time-consuming work

Finding the optimal mix between manual work and automation (AI), reducing time-consuming, repetitive tasks, allowing teams to do more creative and strategic work.

Increase efficiency

Dealing with thousands of products, frequent product introductions and ultimately merchandising the entire product range through all touchpoints.

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Simply built for eCommerce

One single system enabling merchandisers to always present the best possible selections in the right context, at the right time, across touchpoints.

Responsive technology

Automation enabling lightning fast reaction to changing customer behaviour, reduces manual, time-consuming, often tedious online merchandising work.

A single, unified solution

Delivering all the capabilities needed to excel across search, navigation, recommendations and content.

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Higher conversion and sales

Increased cart size, higher conversion, and increased revenue through automation.

A simplified customer experience

Presenting more relevant products.

Less manual work

Due to a high degree of automation, freeing up time for being creative and strategic.

Fast and reliable

Real-time processing of customer behavioural data enables for immediate response to micro-trend peaks.

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"We saw a strong increase in all indicators; click through rate, percentage added to the shopping cart, number of purchases, conversion rate and average order value."
Jenny Vesterlund

Jenny Vesterlund
eCommerce Manager, KICKS

Built for eCommerce

eSales was built for boosting ecommerce, providing a unified solution for the online merchandising across site search, site navigation, product recommendations, content/ads and email recommendations.

eSales shares data across these functions to provide a greater, more relevant shopping experience. Is highly automised, leveraging machine learning to constantly tune the business strategy and to achieve higher conversion.

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"eSales minimises the need for manual and tedious merchandising. That saves the merchandising team several hours or even days per week, freeing them up to focus on more strategic, higher value activities."
Rickard Lyko

Rickard Lyko
CEO and Owner, Lyko

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