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7 Ways to Get More out of Elevate

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7 Ways to Get More out of Elevate

Automated merchandising has never been easier with Voyado Elevate, the unified solution to optimize product relevance on your ecommerce website. It’s simple. With just a small amount of guidance and input from your end, the AI technology learns and analyses what shoppers want to buy based on what they like and what they have searched for or purchased before.

Maybe you’re wondering “How much control do I have? Am I able to manually fine-tune things and adjust a product’s relevance up how our company sees best?” The answer is absolutely.

Although Elevate is a machine learning based program, a little extra manual optimization on your site will help you achieve new heights with our solution. Here are 7 ways to get even more out of Elevate:

Merchandising management

Run campaigns, sales, and spotlight certain brands, but make sure you prioritize displaying products that align with these promotions. Double check these promotional products are appearing first in search results of keywords shoppers may be using.

By aligning your marketing efforts with what’s on display on your home page, you can also create hype or attention around certain products within your campaign.

Fine-tuning your relevance

Make sure the right results are appearing when a shopper types something into the search bar by specifying colors, brands, sizes, and other defining factors in the product data. If any incorrect products are being displayed when searching on a key word, remove them, to optimize relevance for the correct products.

Remember, mobile matters

These days more than half of all web traffic is conducted on mobile phones. By optimizing your site to be mobile friendly, you will likely have more customers purchase from their devices. Pay attention to what information is absolutely necessary. On small screens there is not much space for everything you may include on a desktop design, so only include what is necessary and eye catching.

Don’t forget to optimize things such as mobile checkout and payment, voice recognition, image quality and position, and GPS. These features can simplify the shopping experience on a mobile phone.

Enrich your data quality

Double check for any potential spelling errors in your product descriptions and fine-tune with descriptive attributes that best describe the product. Keep anything that might be useful for filtering out products and enhancing each product’s ranking when visitors search for this item. Keep your formatting consistent in your descriptions and data for optimum efficiency.

Utilize advanced analytics

Utilize your insights available with Elevate and examine how certain keywords are performing in the search feature. By understanding what words your customers are looking for, you can see what’s popular. This will help your merchandisers and help you develop campaigns and marketing pushes around these products. By examining specific search terms, you can review conversion rates for the products under these terms to help you understand how your products are performing.

Optimize display and search features

Make sure your search features are visible and easy to understand on your webpage. Include a large search bar so shoppers can access the search feature easily and make sure your filters are also easily accessible and clear.
Check on your keywords to see what options are appearing in the search and fine-tune the results that appear when a customer types that word into the search bar. Products sometimes will need some manual fine-tuning to appear for more unique searches customers might be conducting.

Further personalization

To give each shopper a more personalized experience, you need to make sure you are examining previous actions that shopper has taken on your website. With Voyado Elevate, the automated technology can do this for you. Elevate will examine each user’s likes and dislikes, favorites, and items abandoned in their shopping carts, and will put their favorite items right in front of them.
To make their experience even more personal, implement email recommendations so that users can be reminded of their favorite products they previously searched for or left in their cart just for a little extra personalization and encouragement.

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