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AI and eCommerce - proof it works!

Written by Apptus | Apr 29, 2017
It's sometimes difficult to sell an idea or a concept.  When you buy a new car, a house or a laptop, you have the opportunity test drive, experience and use it before committing to a purchase.
So when you are told that if you invest in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to your eCommerce it will have a profoundly positive impact on sales and profit margin, it's understandable that a small degree of faith is required before signing on the line.
Until now. This week Computer Weekly published an article highlighting the success of Swedish fashion retailer Stayhard after deploying Apptus eSales; not just in terms of improved conversion and profit margin, but in reducing the grunt work in merchandising the the site.
You can read the article here and read our case study here.
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