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Apptus customers hit the heights again.

Written by Apptus | May 10, 2016

The results from IDG’s twentieth Top 100 List of the best Swedish eCommerce sites across ten retail categories tell a familiar story.  Smart online retailers that are successful in delivering relevant and compelling experiences stand out from the crowd.

But this year, the top ten list – those competing for the ultimate prize, to be awarded best in class at Webbdagarna 2016 – is packed with brands that have embraced a changing retail reality.

These are brands that take a new, holistic, even scientific approach to online merchandising.  They seek to maximise product exposure while delivering highly targeted, relevant experiences for each individual shopper – something the smartest amongst them manage through an automated and self-learning algorithmic approach to merchandising.

We are very proud to say that the brands leading the way, those embracing automation in merchandising and reaping the rewards, all rely on Apptus eSales to support intelligent, whole site merchandising.

Apptus customers including, Adlibris and Nelly are amongst the top ten.  According to IDG:

  • Nelly: Home page personalisation and their new ways of working with the content are two new features at Nelly – and we love what they do. Merchandising fashion categories with subheadings relevant to the customer is not only smart, but it also creates a shopping momentum that is both fun and inspiring.
  • Adlibris keeps its position as Sweden’s best bookstore online – with more personal recommendations, an expanding product range and an exciting investment in omnichannel, with a physical store in central Stockholm.