The Swedish merchandising model: Beyond the tip of the iceberg

Some of the world’s largest retailers hail from Sweden, and even those that haven’t yet come to dominate global retail are significant players in Scandinavia an [...]
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Apptus | 2018-06-25

eCommerce Merchandising: Man vs Machine

Anyone with experience of working in a fashion retail store in the early 1990s will remember the hallowed role of the window dresser, or vis [...]

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Artificial Intelligence
Apptus | 2018-03-15

Seminar on Recommendation Algorithms at Malmö University

Dimitris Paraschakis, doctoral student in Computer Science, is defending his thesis Algorithmic and Ethical Aspects of Recommender Systems i [...]

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Apptus | 2018-02-06

eCommerce Revenues Rose by up to 3,800% on Black Friday

Apptus eSales data shows online retailers coped with 10,000 QPS (queries per second) and enjoyed 100% service availability on retail’s most [...]

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Apptus | 2017-11-27

Generation “Z” poses new challenges for online fashion retailers.

18-24 year olds almost universally buy fashion online AND they want a low-friction, deeply personalised experience, not ‘hard sell’ conversi [...]

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Apptus | 2017-05-11

Artificial Intelligence- an investment to transform online sales performance!

Drive to transform online sale performance will see AI investment focus on ‘online merchandising’ and personalisation to deliver ‘real time [...]

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Apptus | 2017-01-24

Online Merchandising – time to break the rules

For online retailers with large product ranges, the inability to create relevant merchandising rules for each customer is costing time, mone [...]

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Apptus | 2016-11-24

Black Friday – everything that is wrong with retail

Black Friday represents all that is wrong with retail. Price slashing, queuing and aggression aside, it is a day that does more than most to [...]

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Apptus | 2016-10-06

Automated Merchandising – Why you’d be mad not to!

Andrew Fowler, UK Country Manager at Apptus, examines the spectre of automated merchandising and tries to reassure us that there is nothing [...]

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Apptus | 2016-09-19

Forget Personalisation, see the bigger picture.

If anyone in online retail still thinks personalisation is the answer, they are asking the wrong question. Sören Meelby, VP Marketing at App [...]

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