Last year’s Black Friday delivered great results for Apptus eSales customers: with a 100% service availability and an average of 4200 requests per second to our servers, peaking at 10,000 per second, we are proud to have serviced more than 400 million requests in less than a week.

Our Fashion customers registered an increase in orders by 920% and increase in profit by 550% (compared to a regular previous Friday). Media retailing customers went up by 1800% in orders and by 1200% in profit, while also achieving an amazing 78% increase in AOV (Average Order Value)!

So what are the take-aways for you for this year?


How to get the most out of Black Friday

1. You may want to devise a campaign using context-sensitive ads & product promotions on the site. Consider demoting non-competitive products for the event. Timing is critical, so plan a schedule that suits your business.

2. For an effective campaign, research the market to gauge which will be competitive products during the event. Previous years showed that shops may already start their Black Friday campaigns days in advance, so it is worth keeping an eye on their offerings.

3. Create visual advertising material & consider your discount strategy for products and also for delivery charges. Keep in mind that products and discounts may differ as Black Friday progresses.

4. Send out marketing newsletters, ideally the products advertised in the email are decided when the email is opened, rather than when the email is sent, as products may have gone out of stock by the time the user looks at their email.

5. Configure the site to optimise product ranking to popular products. Let the crowd’s wisdom steer the relevance algorithms.

6. Monitor the market continuously, and monitor the stats from your site. Frequently check the search statistics, in particular which search terms are succeeding, and which may require synonyms to be applied.

7. Black Friday can start before the Friday, and may not end until sometime during the next week, so time adverts & promotions throughout the event accordingly!
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