We are proud to report that Black Friday 2018 has brought another major success for our eSales' customers.

Our data shows that Apptus eSales supported our online retailer customers to make 10,000 requests per second during peak, whilst enjoying 100% service availability on retail’s most demanding day.

Below are some interesting results from our customers: comparisons are made versus October 26th - the previous last Friday in the month (payment day!) to Black Friday:

  • Media sector had a +2149% increase in revenue
  • DIY recorded a +457% increase in number of orders
  • Fashion registered a +535% increase in revenue, and +649% increase in profit
  • Home electronics had a +1727% increase in number of orders
  • Health, Beauty and Lifestyle had a +774% increase in revenue.

These results confirm once again the quality of solutions and services that Apptus eSales delivers to our customers.

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