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Bygghemma group redesigns its web stores using AI

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Bygghemma group redesigns its web stores using AI

The Nordic region's largest online provider of home improvement products, Bygghemma Group, reinforces the focus on artificial intelligence to manage its stores' 400,000 products, 120 million visits and 1.7 million orders per year.

By continuing to strengthen and invest in our AI initiatives and optimising how the most relevant products are displayed, we can create a better customer experience and satisfy our ambition to increase growth and profitability, says Adam Schatz, CFO at Bygghemma Group.


Maximise sales on limited screen space

Online merchandising can be described as selecting and presenting products to make best use of screen real-estate. Since the space is limited, it is important to optimise its use.

Each page in our web stores consists of a number of sales areas where each surface exposes the product range according to a certain strategy. The goal is to maximise relevance to the user while at the same time meeting business targets for the stores, which can be both profitability and volume, says Adam Schatz.

AI optimises for relevance and set business goal

Bygghemma Group's AI solution, delivered by Voyado, determines which surfaces will be used to furnish different pages of Bygghemma Group's sites. By analysing user behaviour, the solution can automatically sort and optimise search results, categories, recommendations and product lists according to what is most relevant to the visitor at the moment.

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The AI solution also helps maximise current business goals - conversion, revenue, profit margins - through optimal sorting and relevance. Business goals can be changed, for example to a revenue-based strategy in conjunction with pay day, when customers are more interested in quality products, and then after half the month, change it back to profit margins.

Increased efficiency and sales

Historically, considerable resources were used to manually select and display products. With an automated solution that learns from the visitors' behaviours, Bygghemma Group can both deliver personally relevant product suggestions and free up time for the product teams.

Thanks to AI, we have already freed up more time for creative activities like campaigns and enriching product and information presentations. Through the current initiative, we expect to further improve the customer experience and have the ambition to thereby contribute to increased sales and better margins. concludes Adam Schatz.

About Bygghemma Group

Bygghemma Group is the leading online supplier of home improvement products in the Nordic region. Bygghemma Group has many different online stores in the segments DIY and home furnishings, including www.bygghemma.se, www.trademax.se, www.chilli.se and www.furniturebox.se.

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