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eCommerce Revenues Rose by up to 3,800 % on Black Friday

Written by Apptus | Feb 6, 2018

Apptus eSales data shows online retailers coped with 10,000 QPS
(queries per second) and enjoyed 100% service availability on retail’s most demanding day!

November 25th 2017 - also known as Black Friday! At Apptus this day is always a day of triumph when all data is gathered and the online impact of Black Friday is revealed. VP of Customer Success at Apptus, Michael Ericsson says:
“To learn that all customers had a succesful experience with 100% availability and an overall increase in all verticals is extremly rewarding!” 

Compared with trading data from the same period on Friday 17th November, data from Black Friday showed:

  • Home electronics user sessions rose by 280%, orders by 2232%, and revenue by 3358%
  • Media retailers saw user sessions rise by 570%, orders up by 1969%, revenue by 3809%, and profit rise by an impressive 1344%
  • Fashion enjoyed a doubling of user sessions (up 108%), orders were up 1469%, revenues rose by 1242%, and profit rose by a massive 1302%.

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