Product suggestions in the autocomplete are often connected to the highest revenue per purchase. However, the area is often small and only presents a limited number of products. 


Being able to present many and suitable products when the customer only has typed a few characters is really a powerful tool for increasing the average order value and overall revenue of your site. An advanced search-autocomplete offers further suggestions on categories, products, content and more.

In online retail, product suggestions generally convert at 10% higher revenue than the Search Result Page, meaning they represent an area of your site which can really make a difference. Furthermore, product suggestions lead to a consistent 5 to 10% of the site’s revenue stream.


The key to getting amazing results in revenue per conversion with Apptus eSales is its relevance in products lists. This is done in real time and responds to trends and changes in customer behaviour, with a really big impact in the product suggestion area.

Showing products in eSales autocomplete produces results with virtually no extra effort. So why not do it?

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