What is the search-hit ratio?

Are you looking to increase your search conversion? The search-hit ratio is one metric that heavily affects your search conversion but is often overlooked. This number tells you what proportion of search queries return content or products for your site visitors.

Keep your search-hit ratio as high as you can to make sure your visitors find what they’re looking for. When they can find it – they can buy it!


Search list


Work with your No-Hits list

To improve search-hit ratio, start with the No-Hits list. This is the list of the most usual search-phrases for your site that result in no products displayed. Work your way through this list, and for each phrase identify why the query does not produce results. For example:

  • Is the phrase a misspelling? Then add the misspelled version as a synonym for the product.
    If many people have misspelled in the same way, it’s worth doing something about it. Of course, a synonym here is not a synonym in the linguistic sense, but a work-around to fix the issue.
  • Is the search phrase a different name for a product? If so, just add a synonym.
  • Is the search phrase something that is not searchable in the product list, but present in your data? Then make those attributes searchable.
  • Are you missing searchable content/products? Well, you’d better add relevant items.

Having done this, you should be able to significantly improve your search-hit ratio and ultimately, faster guide your visitors to what they’re looking for.


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More best practices on Search 

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#3 Base filter suggestions on query relevance
#4 Search results should use a 'Load more' approach
#5 Let users fine tune-their queries


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