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The importance of Site search

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The importance of Site search

We have previously talked about the importance of Site navigation. As we mentioned in that blog post, it's essential to include a search in your navigation bar. According to Forrester, 43% of site visitors go immediately to the search box.

The importance of Site search - this is what this blog post is about. Let’s dive straight into the subject and delve into what you need to do to get the most out of your e-commerce site!

We want to start by giving three tips:

Position the search box where customers expect it

It should be easy to spot the search box on your landing page. Make sure it’s one of the first things a visitor sees when they enter your e-commerce site.

Put the search box on every page

Having the search box in the same place on all pages (excluding checkout) will make it easier for visitors to search. Consistent use of menu design, colours and fonts will help customers become familiar with your site and feel at ease when searching.

Don’t forget the mobile users

Regardless of whether your site is accessed via desktop, smartphone, or tablet, make sure the design of each web page works for them. By using responsive design, for example, you help shoppers navigate and use your e-commerce site on multiple devices, without missing important features or deals.

Mobile is the most common platform to start searching on; this is also where the customer journey begins in many cases.

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Understand your target audience better

Imagine yourself, you are browsing an e-commerce store, searching for a product you know exists, but get no results when you search for it. Frustrating, right?

A visitor who uses the search function on your website is already interested in your e-commerce store and what you have to offer; a good site search speeds up their journey.

You can say that site search is your audience telling you what they are looking for. This helps you get to know your target audience better and will help you improve your e-commerce store.

Let AI and machine learning do the work

AI-driven site search is a powerful component for your e-commerce site and can contribute to increased revenue and conversions. Machine learning algorithms can deliver more intelligent search results. They can understand the meaning of what is typed in the search box, thanks to natural language processing, and match it to the most relevant products. They will use what they have learned from previous searches to show what the searcher wants to find.

Voyado Elevate Search is extraordinarily advanced. Every single keystroke in the search box invokes a multitude of actions, in real-time, as Elevate instantly measures, assesses, and addresses the customers’ true intent, combined with historical behavioural data.

Achieve a higher conversion rate with a user-friendly site search

Turning window shoppers into buyers is always the main goal for any e-commerce site. If a potential customer arrives at your site and has a specific product in mind, they don’t want to filter down through all product listing pages to find it. Instead, they just want to do a search, find what they are looking for and make a purchase. Quick and easy.

By offering a user-friendly site search experience, businesses can help customers find the products they are looking for in a smoother way. This gives visitors control over their own shopping experience, which helps increase customer loyalty. This makes them more likely to convert, and return to the e-commerce store for more purchases.

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