‘No results found’ is a missed opportunity. It can happen because you don’t sell what the customer wants, but more often it’s due to your Search being not very helpful.

The customer knows what they want, they know you sell it, but they’re not able to describe the product in the way your product merchandiser anticipated. A good Search engine would recognise this and help the customer overcome this hurdle.

A good Search engine does more than just search, it assists the customer to better describe their search goal, define their most important selection criteria, and, when necessary, propose alternative avenues of exploration. It’s a comprehensive suite of Search algorithms, filters, sort options and suggestions.

A Search that lacks these essential functionalities will frustrate your customers and lose you revenue.



Bad Search – what’s the cost?

Take this example from a prospective client where we estimate the lost revenue associated with the no-results-found for the month of November.

In total there were 686 828 searches, of which the top 100 phrases that generated no results accounted for 34 501 searches.

The average Search conversion for the month was 0.86%, a number many ecommerce professionals will recognise. If we conservatively estimate that a better search could halve the number of no results, this equates to 149 lost orders.

At 244 SEK average order value, that’s 36 356 SEK

Perhaps not an earth-shattering figure, but that’s not the end of the story.

Better Search = higher Search conversion

Let’s add a dollop of reality to this example.

With a comprehensive search capability, search conversion shouldn’t be 0.86%, it should be 5%. This is the lower bounds of what our clients consistently achieve. Trust us.

So the lost revenue isn’t 36 356 SEK, it’s 210 572 SEK.

That’s 5.8 times more than first imagined.

So what constitutes a comprehensive Search capability?

Search exampleThere is a direct connection between the quality of your Search capability and the level of your Search - conversion.

A comprehensive Search contains, at the very least, the following features:

- Autocomplete
- Synonyms list
- Did-you-mean
- Filters for facets (colours, size, brand, fabric, more)
- Category navigation
- Product suggestions
- Content
- Integrated product promotion.

The richness and sophistication of these features can save you a lot of trouble and, ultimately, increase revenue.

With them, you can minimise the effort configuring Search whilst simultaneously reducing the instance of no-results.

No-results can and will still occur, but by offering alternative avenues of exploration, customers are far less likely to abandon your site, and more likely to convert. 

Apptus eSales Search includes all the listed features and is ready to support you.



Next step

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