Are you trying to roll the boulder of manually managing online merchandising up the hill of retail success? Chances are that if you reach the top, which is doubtful, you won’t be able to hold it there.

Sisyphus, the king of Ephyra, was trying to do just this. But the boulder started rolling down as soon as it reached the top. Repeating this forever brought him everlasting pain and he was renowned for laborious and futile work.

The traditional approach of manually handling merchandising for digital stores has Sisyphean similarities:

  • The work that online merchandisers manage to complete during their working hours is not in proportion to business needs. During evenings, weekends or holidays, which is when most customers have time for shopping, no merchandising is done.
  • Manual interventions are subjective, questionable and nearly always impossible to quantify.
  • Manual interventions in the form of merchandiser-created rules customise too much to a particular 'behaviour'. You need to account for the crowd behaviour, not that of one individual.
  • Rules quickly grow out of control, and too many rules can’t be managed effectively. If you change one rule the consequences for other rules are unknown until it’s too late. And rules cannot cope with complex data quickly enough to react in real-time to changing context and behaviour.
  • Irrelevant products or restricted choices frustrate the customers. If this happens, they are more likely to leave your site and go to an online store that does meet their expectations.

Sisyphus ended up in his situation as a punishment. Release yourself from the pain of never quite being able to do enough! Become renowned for creative ‘value-added’ work resulting in customer delight and improved conversions.  

You can do something about it. The choice is yours!