Online merchandising: Timing is everything

Moment marketing and how predictive AI algorithms can help The digital commerce data we crunch at Apptus show a clear pattern -  in the beginning shops typicall [...]
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Apptus | 2018-06-25

eCommerce Merchandising: Man vs Machine

Anyone with experience of working in a fashion retail store in the early 1990s will remember the hallowed role of the window dresser, or vis [...]

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Artificial Intelligence
Gary Mander | 2018-06-11

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Retail

Introduction Scan the retail press and various eCommerce tech websites and you find no shortage of tech businesses claiming to use AI as a f [...]

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Adina Tunér | 2018-06-08

The Long Tail & the Head: Care for Both

If you are active in merchandising you’ve surely heard already about the Long Tail. Chances are you’ve seen the dinosaur-like graph as well… [...]

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long tail
Martina Hansen | 2018-03-23

Pick the correct recommendations algorithms

As an e-commerce manager or digital merchandiser, you will all too often encounter the challenge of choosing the optimal recommendation type [...]

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Apptus | 2018-03-15

Seminar on Recommendation Algorithms at Malmö University

Dimitris Paraschakis, doctoral student in Computer Science, is defending his thesis Algorithmic and Ethical Aspects of Recommender Systems i [...]

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Apptus | 2018-02-06

eCommerce Revenues Rose by up to 3,800% on Black Friday

Apptus eSales data shows online retailers coped with 10,000 QPS (queries per second) and enjoyed 100% service availability on retail’s most [...]

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Apptus | 2017-11-27

Generation “Z” poses new challenges for online fashion retailers.

18-24 year olds almost universally buy fashion online AND they want a low-friction, deeply personalised experience, not ‘hard sell’ conversi [...]

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Admin | 2017-08-28

The challenges and benefits of building a recommender system

August 30th, Apptus’ head of research, Mikael Hammar (picture), will be joining fellow computer scientists to present an industry session on [...]

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Michael Ericsson, VP of Customer Success | 2017-06-29

Apptus eSales Promotions. What's in it for you?

Even with a highly automated & intelligent product, such as Apptus eSales, you want a certain degree of control over the machine. On the oth [...]

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