Admin | 2017-05-18

AI-Powered eCommerce Merchandising

Did you know that AI can analyse big data sets more efficiently than a human being! This means that it can rapidly identify clusters and patterns in the informa [...]
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Apptus | 2017-05-11

Artificial Intelligence- an investment to transform online sales performance!

Drive to transform online sale performance will see AI investment focus on ‘online merchandising’ and personalisation to deliver ‘real time [...]

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Nilla Hedlund | 2017-04-29

AI and eCommerce - proof it works!

It's sometimes difficult to sell an idea or a concept.  When you buy a new car, a house or a laptop, you have the opportunity test drive, ex [...]

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Andrew Fowler | 2017-04-28

Reflections on the Drapers Digital Festival 2017

I spent an interesting and enjoyable day and evening at the Drapers Digital Festival (DDF) and thought I’d share some of my impressions. Whe [...]

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Nilla Hedlund | 2017-04-18

Reflections on EuroCG 2017 - The Computational Geometry Event

Between the 5th and 7th April Apptus sponsored the European computational geometry conference (EuroCG). The conference travels from city to [...]

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Apptus | 2017-01-24

Online Merchandising – time to break the rules

For online retailers with large product ranges, the inability to create relevant merchandising rules for each customer is costing time, mone [...]

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Apptus | 2016-11-24

Black Friday – everything that is wrong with retail

Black Friday represents all that is wrong with retail. Price slashing, queuing and aggression aside, it is a day that does more than most to [...]

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Apptus | 2016-10-06

Automated Merchandising – Why you’d be mad not to!

Andrew Fowler, UK Country Manager at Apptus, examines the spectre of automated merchandising and tries to reassure us that there is nothing [...]

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Apptus | 2016-09-19

Forget Personalisation, see the bigger picture.

If anyone in online retail still thinks personalisation is the answer, they are asking the wrong question. Sören Meelby, VP Marketing at App [...]

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Apptus | 2016-06-06

3 Website Features that Strangle eCommerce

Since the birth of eCommerce, three features of the typical retail website have prevailed. Incredibly, they still force merchandisers to com [...]

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