Apptus | 2015-11-17

Black Friday

With Black Friday almost upon us there’s been a lot of marketing material circulating from solution providers wishing to convince retailers that their product i [...]
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Apptus | 2015-10-09

What’s your problem?

E-commerce managers face many challenges, but perhaps the hardest challenge of all is knowing which are the most important. Often a manager [...]

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Linda | 2015-08-26

Selling online isn’t like physical retail!

A merchandiser’s work is never done. Just as it is for our colleagues in physical stores, the process of laying-out stores and populating th [...]

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Apptus | 2015-07-07

Press release – Apptus wins an innovation grant from Swedish Innovation Agency

The company is being given further funding by the Vinnova agency to develop its innovative software solution. Lund, Sweden 7 July 2015 ― App [...]

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Apptus | 2015-04-10

Page attrition – a universal constant?

There are many constants in life, some are familiar and expected, others are strange and surprising. I have long become accustomed to seeing [...]

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Apptus | 2015-04-01

Apptus included in Econsultancy’s new Website Personalisation Buyer’s Guide

Apptus is delighted to support Econsultancy’s Website Personalisation Buyer’s Guide. Econsultancy’s buyer’s guide is primarily aimed at orga [...]

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Apptus | 2015-03-13

How Intersport doubled conversion with Apptus

Intersport are a leading international retailer of sporting goods and apparel. When they looked to redesign their site, their focus was thre [...]

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Apptus | 2015-03-03

How the DIY sector is leveraging personalisation in ecommerce

In the fast moving DIY and construction space, companies aren’t standing still. Both consumer and trade customers are ever more demanding, r [...]

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Apptus | 2015-02-20

What the heck is online merchandising?

Retail shelf space is a valuable resource. Which is why retailers measure sales per square foot. Screen real-estate is also a resource, and [...]

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Apptus | 2015-01-26

Personalisation ≠ unique

Previously we discussed personalising product assortments in response to Susan Aldrich’s post on the difficulties of generating personalised [...]

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