In this mini-blog series we’d like to share with you some best practices from Apptus Technologies in online merchandising and e-commerce optimisation.

The guidelines and tips are a result of the collaboration Apptus has with Baymard Institute – a global leading research organisation that is well known and respected for their competence in optimising e-commerce UX design.

#2: Product thumbnails should match the variation searched for

When product thumbnails for an executed search don't match the specified search query, it's difficult for users to understand why certain products were returned. The logic behind the result displaying the best-selling variant of the product, with a variant in another colour, is a contradiction which may dissuade a user from purchase.


Searching for ‘red top’ returns the product variation that best matches the phrase.

The solution is to dynamically switch search result thumbnails, like in the example above. As you can see, some products have swatches telling the user that this product also exists in other colours, like blue for the first result. This applies to other attributes too, like shapes, patterns, materials etc.


Hovering over the blue swatch displays the product in blue but does not permanently select it.


#2 of our Search Best Practices recommends to dynamically switch search result thumbnails, so they match the product variation (e.g. colour) the user is searching for.

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In our Customer Success team, we at Apptus work closely with our customers to help them unveil the power of our product Apptus eSales and make them leaders in their market. Read the first blog post in the series:

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