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Relevance in the DIY Sector Means Big Business.

Written by Apptus | May 10, 2016

When Byggmax presented its interim report for the start of 2016, they were delighted to see an increase in net sales of 29.5% to nearly 738 million SEK, compared with the same period last year.

Of special interest to Apptus was that online sales increased by an impressive 45% during the same period.

We at Apptus are delighted to talk about organisations that invest in our solution, to deliver truly relevant and personalised results, are enjoying such growth.

So if you would like to know more, watch Mia Kamlén, Head of Online, from Byggmax, talking about Apptus eSales click here

For those who know about eCommerce, you will realise that 45% growth is not a co-incidence.

Apptus eSales goes beyond ‘segmented personalisation’. It is the only solution that delivers a uniquely relevant shopping experience for every customer on every visit – an experience that adapts to actual and predicted behaviour in real time.

Do you also want to reach the great results but end up asking yourself where to begin?

A good starting point for any online merchandiser is understanding how screen real-estate is currently managed: knowing which systems affect which zones, understanding how they work and to what end (objective) they operate, and then knowing the degree to which each system affects the customer experience.

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