Top 5 features

1. New sales rank with trend sensitivity (even in long tail)
Usage: Search, Product lists on category pages, Top sellers, Auto complete, and Did-you-mean. Example: Modiano and the Nobel Prize in literature.

2. Improved search relevance with 20%
Main feature: Mixes behavior rank, sales rank and match quality in a new and better way. With the new relevance rank you can get the benefits of the new sales rank (being trend sensitive) in search and still support difficult use cases, such as allowing search in fields with poor relevance (e.g., the description field).

Search relevance

The new Class relevance performs 10 % better than the existing Phrase relevance and
20% better than
Trend-sensitive sales order on real data lab tests, according to the nDCG measure of ranking quality.
Sessions recorded on a customer also reveal that additional search attributes, such as lengthy descriptions, can be included without significant loss of precision.

3. Improved overlay statistics reports, including revenue
Overlay in the eSales manager has been reworked with new look and feel, new navigation and new logic to detect eSales components on a site. Now you can also see how much revenue is coming from each panel, including entire templates/pages (public panels).

4. Reworked event system
The behavioral data management system has been reworked. This improvement simplifies management of behavioral data and enables fast restart of eSales, even on sites with high traffic.

5. Improvement for surveillance and security
Multiple features regarding security and monitoring of eSales clusters, such as

  • Audit logging of eSales manager,
  • Improved debugging capabilities,
  • Extended status information.

For more information see the release notes