Even when traffic volumes increase by 10-fold over the peak trading times of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Apptus eSales stands a solid as a rock.

Our service, Apptus eSales manages on-site search, navigation, recommendations and ads for some of the largest online retailers. It uses behaviour to present relevant products so it has to handle millions and millions of notifications at volumes that would intimidate most IT professionals and marketing teams at large retailers.

But it doesn’t have to!

New records were set at CDON this year with a reported 50% increase in visitors that resulted in over 130.000 orders and sales of over 110 mSEK.
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So while other eCommerce vendors were pulling their hair out coping with the excessive loads caused by these trading peaks, our team were going about their everyday tasks stress-free as eSales worked like a charm. We are immensely proud of the stability and performance of Apptus eSales, and we are proud to support our clients as they break records year after year

Christmas season trading - bring it on, our team will be able to relax in the certain knowledge that Apptus eSales will handle the pressure caused by millions of visitors :)


Season’s Greetings