In this mini blog-series we’d like to share with you some best practices from Apptus Technologies in online merchandising and e-commerce product exposure.

The guidelines and tips in this series are a result of the collaboration Apptus has with Baymard Institute – a global leading research organisation that has tested and improved many of the largest online retail stores in the world and are well known and respected for their competence in optimising e-commerce UX design.

This is why Apptus decided not only to invest in training from Baymard, but also to collaborate with their team for incorporating their findings in our products and work processes.

Let’s start with Best Practice #1, which is about improving Search.

#1: Use a rich Autocomplete to increase conversion rates

Autocomplete is an essential function of an e-commerce Search. Some may call it quick search or drop-down search.

Regardless of what you’d like to call it, the autocomplete plays an important role in guiding your visitors into becoming customers - more important than you might think! And it’s the details that either make it or break it. The sophistication and richness of the Autocomplete function has a tremendous influence on the results of the query, and further on, it will impact the conversion rate accordingly.

Let’s have a look at two Search designs. They are a bit different, but both are good examples.


The first one includes suggestions for search phrases, categories, products and content. This makes it easy for visitors and customers to find delivery terms directly from the search box, for example.

The second one is a bit less full, but what it does is to clearly state that there are more products to find if you execute the full search on this phrase. Believe it or not, research shows that without this small link ‘View all products’, test subjects will actually think these three products are the only ones the store has for this phrase.

Another quite important detail is that it highlights the difference of the suggested phrases, not the part that the user has already written. The reason for this is simple - they know what they have written, but not what differs from the rest of the phrases, making it easier to distinguish and choose.


 #1 of our Search Best Practices advocates for a rich autocomplete function carrying a high level of sophistication, i.e. have an autocomplete that supports query-, product-, category- and content suggestions. The argument for it is that it will pay back with a substantial increase in conversion rate.

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