This is the last blog post in our mini-series where we have shared with you some best practices from Apptus Technologies in online merchandising and e-commerce optimisation.

The guidelines and tips are a result of the collaboration Apptus has with Baymard Institute – a global leading research organisation that is well known and respected for their competence in optimising e-commerce UX design.

#5: Persist the user's search query on the results page

This is a small but important tip - do not remove the entered search phrase from the search box once it’s executed! In so many cases, the users would like to fine-tune their search by adding or removing a word or two. If they need to rewrite the whole phrase, they are likely to be frustrated, which might risk the whole intended purchase.




Changing the search phrase is more common than you might think. In order for this to be an easy and enjoyable experience, one should persist the user’s phrase once executed.


#5 of our Search Best Practices establishes that it’s valuable to persist the user's query in the search field so they can easily iterate upon it.

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