In a previous blog post we’ve covered the topic of how to create great search assistant. But what happens if we can’t find what we are looking for?

Do you display a No result page without taking the opportunity to give the customer any relevant recommendations? Many sites do, even though this is a discouraging experience to the user, which may drive them to leave the shop and try their luck elsewhere.

What’s the remedy?

Having a Did you mean feature in your onsite search can lead to results if caused by a simple misspelling. 

In other cases, the product is simply not for sale (not carried by dealer or not in-stock), so the customer wouldn’t get any result at all even though the spelling was correct. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. Instead of the No result page the system can provide the customer with guidance and new recommendations.

Top searches can inspire the customer to explore popular search queries, and recommendations can expose relevant products. Recommendations can be based directly on the customer behaviour and come, among others, from the previously viewed, bought or cart-abandoned products.

If the customer is new and there is not enough behaviour data to present any results, the Top Sellers can work as a backfill to present popular products to the customer.

No-hits - popular searches - recommended products

Whichever the case, Apptus eSales rich Search capability will always deliver relevant recommendations, potentially turning no-hits into conversions.


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More best practices on Search 

#1 Use a rich Autocomplete to increase conversion rates
#2 Product thumbnails should match the variation searched for

#3 Base filter suggestions on query relevance
#4 Search results should use a 'Load more' approach
#5 Let users fine tune-their queries


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