Case study

Ginza on an upward trend after changing technology


Ginza is a 45 year old successful iconic brand for music, films, games and books via mail order or online. With the trend moving from mail order to online purchasing it is vital that the online shopping experience that Ginza provides for their customers is smooth, with excellent product information and a fast, hassle-free checkout.

The challenge

Even an iconic brand like Ginza is subject to competition from other brands and alternative technologies. Over the past few years Ginza has had to work hard to compete in a challenging marketplace.

Johan Sävenstrand, eCommerce Manager at Ginza says “We have been struggling to address decreasing revenues, transactions and average order values.” He believes that technology could be the key to differentiating Ginza, helping them to apply their traditional values of service and personal attention, even in an online world, to maintain their position as the No. 1 choice for music and movie lovers.

The solution

Ginza selected Apptus eSales because it provided all the functionality they required in a single package – search, recommendations and merchandising.

It was also important that they could fine-tune recommendation data themselves without waiting for a third party. Johan Sävenstrand emphasizes: “The hands-on tuning of recommendations was a very attractive Apptus eSales feature for us. We save time and our customers get a better shopping experience.”

Johan Sävenstrand was delighted by the speed of implementation. He comments: “Apptus eSales worked straight out of the box, it is a well-developed product that is very reliable.” Apptus eSales went live in Dec 2012 and Ginza undertook A/B testing before leaving their old system. Early results showed that they were experiencing a 7% higher average order value. The “go, no go” decision became an easy one. “We never had to turn back”, Johan says with confidence. So far the results have been more than satisfying, Johan explains: “For the first time since 2009 we´ve increased revenues, transactions, cart value and conversion rate.”

Ginza has reversed a 4 year downward trend to an upward trend enjoying a 20% increase in total sales, 12% higher conversion rate and 4% higher average order value. “With Apptus eSales, we see an ROI of at least 3 times when taking into account increased costs for licenses and hardware”, Johan adds.

Regarding merchandising, Johan says “With Apptus eSales behavioral based merchandising we don’t need to recruit additional staff, saving the cost of at least two full time employees."

The Result


increase in total sales


higher conversion rate


increase on top-sellers


higher average order value

For the first time since 2009 we have increased revenues, transactions, cart value and conversion rates.

With Apptus eSales, we see an ROI of at least 3 times