Case study

Personalised email content increases conversions by over 10% for CDON

Personalised email with products
Nordic retailer CDON sends millions of customer emails per year. Instead of emailing standardised product recommendations, they use customer data from their website to personalise them. This enables offers based on actual customer preferences, something that has increased conversion 6 times for CDON.

Alexander Andersson, CRM Manager at CDON, manages more than ten email campaigns per week. He used to send segmented emails with dynamic content to be as personal as possible. Now he can offer customers one-to-one communication for product recommendations instead. To begin with, he sees increased email engagement and more traffic to the site.

“This is proof that our customers’ experiences have improved. We can always present them with up-to-date suggestions, since the product recommendations are triggered only when the user opens the email.” Alexander explains.

Boosting all metrics

By using behavioural data, CDON was hoping to increase conversion and turnover from emails, as well as higher engagement in the form of open rate, click-through rate and reduced unsubscribes. So far, the results are striking.

“Personal recommendations have increased conversions by 10.6% - that’s six times better than other parts of the email. We have also gained a big boost in turnover on our transactional emails.” Alexander says.

“The recommendations also influence the rest of the email, which receives a higher click-through and conversion rate than the same banners and emails without recommendations.”

As easy as plug-and-play

To take advantage of customer data in emails, CDON puts an image snippet into the email’s HTML code and applies a sophisticated styling template to get it neat. They didn’t have any problems setting up the email campaigns or getting the technology to work with their email system.

“It was very intuitive; each team member could manage on their own in under 30 minutes” Alexander says.

“Email Recommendations from Apptus is an easy and clever way of making the most out of data that’s already there, to give our customers more relevant offers and improve our business.” Alexander concludes.