Apptus helps BiGDUG guide, advise and inspire their online customers and boost sales

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The company

BiGDUG is an online hardware retailer that offers a vast range of shelving, racking, tools and other DIY products to households, business and warehouses across the UK and overseas. Their philosophy is simple. They want to offer their customers the greatest range of products at the best value prices, whilst still providing a smooth customer service experience. With a static looking site and an enormous and ever growing product range, the executives at BiGDUG wanted to ensure their online customers could find products quickly and easily and be made aware of relevant offers – boosting user satisfaction and in turn increasing revenue.

About BiGDuG

• The UK’s No 1 Choice for Storage Needs
• BiGDUG was created in 2004 and has over 8,000 products on its 10,000 page site
• The business is head quartered in Tewskesbury, Gloucestershire, UK
• Its excellent reputation for customer service
• Speedy delivery
• Value for money for quality products

The challenge

The BiGDUG team were no strangers to search and merchandising technology having used other technology providers in the past, but they had not experienced the results they had hoped for with these other rules-based alternatives.

BiGDUG selected Apptus for their technology driven attitude to the project alongside their highly intelligent, automated technology. This technology allows the online retailer to deliver optimised search, navigation and recommendations of products to customers and promote relevant content and promotions based on real-time and historical buying behaviour.

Apptus worked closely with BiGDUG and their platform partner to integrate the first stage of their powerful solution into their existing eCommerce platform. This ensured that their merchandising and marketing efforts are now always on target, relevant and tailored to the online visitor’s requirements each and every time they visit the site.

The solution

Within weeks of implementing this first stage of Apptus technology, BiGDUG had seen a double digit increase in its conversion rates.

The path to conversion is now remarkably quicker, with less clicks taking place pre-sale. In addition, the many thousands of customers who completed the post-sale satisfaction questionnaire praised the site for its’ ‘comprehensive product search’ and ‘simple navigation’.

“With Apptus’ search and merchandising technology working together to provide an effective solution, this initial stage of activity has provided an optimised customer experience without users noticing changes to the look or feel of the site. Users may not always realise we’ve enhanced the site, but our accountants do. Our expectations have been exceeded throughout the process and we’re looking forward to the next stage of working with the Apptus team”, Doug concluded.

When we met Apptus we were impressed by their technology driven approach to the project and were confident in the sincerity of the service they were offering. We wanted an all-encompassing solution that could not only be swiftly implemented, but would also work cohesively to improve the sites’ overall efficiency.


Managing Director, BiGDUG

The result

BiGDUG are now working with the Apptus team to explore what other opportunities are available to them to ensure they are maximising every touch point of their site.

“We want to continue the momentum of our site by introducing more promotional content including banners and campaigns and further drive its success, using the knowledge and expertise of Apptus along the journey.”

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