2017.10.10 | case

Bokus.com automated bookselling around the clock

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Bokus.com is a company with a turnover of SEK 550M, yet astonishingly only 30 employees. How have they achieved this and what role has technology played?

Recently the site was upgraded to use Apptus eSales’ latest behavioural algorithms which capture and analyse even greater amounts of customer data. Personalisation is being gradually added to more and more areas of the site and marketing campaigns.

Download the case below to read the full story on how Apptus helped Bokus to its amazing results! 

Apptus may come across as a bit ‘geeky’, but they’re very knowledgeable and very competent. They know their stuff!

Johan Walldov

IT-Manager, Bokus

The Result

Panel on site/visitor "New by category"
Newsletter/opened mail: "Recommended for you"
Panel on site/visitor "Fits together"
Panel on site/visitor "You may like"

We’ve been a long-standing client of Apptus, and it’s a nice system to work with." - Johan Walldov

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