2018.01.17 | News, case

Bygghemma.se automate their product exposure and increase overall profit by up to 12%

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Bygghemma (the DIY division of Bygghemma Group) is one of the largest DIY retailers in the Nordics. Since launching in 2006 the company has expanded to twelve online stores and fourteen physical stores in the Nordic region. Their business plan aims to market a wide range of DIY products to people who want to buy well-known brands at attractive prices.

In 2017 they started testing the exposure strategy for profit. After approximately one month Bygghemmma realised that by using Apptus’ AI to optimise profit, the total profit peaked with amazing figures!


Read the full story by downloading it below. Enjoy!

To create a campaign this quickly from idea to roll-out has always been a massive manual workload but now it is merely a case of getting the artwork for the banners done in time. Thanks to Apptus eSales and machine learning everything else is now done much faster.



Download the case as PDF

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