2017.05.18 | case

Meet the “performance monster” helping a fashion retailer to increase profit.

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How Apptus eSales helped fashion retailer, Stayhard, to significant increase in profits – by staying lean while finding innovative solutions to online retail’s unique challenges.

Since its launch in 2005, Swedish fashion retail brand, Stayhard, stands apart from the crowd. At the heart of the business’ success is an acceptance that online presents unique challenges, which demand novel solutions.

Apptus eSales has become a critical component of Stayhard’s success – not least its ability to realise the set goal for annual revenues with a lean, twelve strong merchandising and developer team. “We love Apptus eSales,” Johan said

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We love Apptus eSales! It’s a performance monster that copes effortlessly with peak demand, and which allows us to approach the eCommerce challenges in a new way.



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