WÜRTH ramps up its eCommerce with unified solution from Apptus

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The Würth Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers to industry with 64,000 employees across 400 companies in 80 countries. The organisation has applied the Apptus’ powerful search and merchandising technology to its core business, “The Würth Line”, to deliver a more personalised experience for its online customers in the Swedish market.“The Würth Line” offers a wide range of products for craft and industry comprising of over 100,000 items.

About Würth
• Founded in Germany by Adolf Würth in 1945
• Over 400 companies in more than 80 countries
• Has about 64,000 employees on its payroll

The challenge

By selecting a unified search and merchandising solution instead of using multiple point solutions from different vendors Würth are now able to guide, advise and inspire their online customers by providing relevant content to their customers in the context of their visit.

As well as improving search effectiveness this has helped Würth to increase their customer’s lifetime value and improve brand loyalty. With each merchandising element working together and being aware of each customer’s behaviours across the site, it ensures that Würth can trial new products as the system is able to balance the exposure of new products with best sellers and potential future best sellers, ensuring that new products are exposed appropriately to the relevant customers.

Würth have hundreds of sales reps who visit and expedite customers in thousands of meetings every day. It is important for us to be as relevant in our online interactions as we are in our physical stores. In our online retail, Würth focus on being two things: personal and relevant. Fredrik Holm, Marketing Director, Würth, Sweden, says:

The online consumer journey is a completely different experience to that of an in-store customer, so the journey needs to reflect this. Würth has optimised the customer experience, by delivering what our customers care about with relevant actions and a tailored, intuitive and dynamic customer experience.

The solution

The Apptus technology allows online retailers to deliver optimised search, navigation and recommendations for products and promotional content based on real-time and historical buying behaviours, ensuring merchandising and marketing efforts are always on target.

Apptus eSales constantly learns about the user and records intelligence about customer behaviour and learns from the information which means that Apptus eSales constantly renews itself without any manual effort.

The performance levels that are being achieved for Apptus clients is due to a combination of sophisticated mathematics and world class database engineering.

Apptus eSales boosts the effectiveness our search capability and delivers more relevant products and offers to our customers automatically and dynamically, and has improved overall sales performance.

Marketing Director, Würth Sweden

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