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Dormy Increases Online Conversion by 27% Using Elevate

Dormy Increases Online Conversion by 27% Using Elevate

About Dormy

Lars Johansson and Mats Hedlund founded the golf retailing company Dormy in 1994. Together, they brought a great combination of deep product knowledge, marketing, and sales execution. With a clear vision of providing a better golfing experience, what started as a single store venture in Örebro, today has turned into an undivided golf equipment giant. The company boast 13 stores nationwide, from Malmö in the South to Sundsvall in the North, including the 9000 m2 Örebro headquarters with a store, a central warehouse, and a canteen. In 2020, Dormy had revenues of close to 900 million SEK, employing more than 160 people.

Screenshot from Dormy.com


Right from the start, Dormy was pioneering online sales in its industry. What had started out as a spin-off of the company’s mail-order venture as early as 1998, Dormy soon became the online leader in this segment in Sweden. But their ambitions were bigger than that, with a plan for rolling out online sales in more countries across Europe. To achieve this there was a need for deploying state of the art e-commerce.

Our goal is to be the market leading golf equipment retailer in Europe, providing the best shopping experiences to our customers. For that, we needed a highly scalable e-commerce solution that would continue to perform extremely well as we expanded into new markets, said Anders Wall, CEO at Dormy.

So, the hunt for partners who could deliver on these requirements began.


Having evaluated a few potential solutions, Dormy decided on a combination of both proven and composable systems, with the goal of implementing a highly customized site to best deliver on all the specific needs that Dormy had.

The implementation was to be delivered by Avensia. It comprises Avensia’s Excite platform and Voyado Elevate Product Discovery to provide best-of-breed search, navigation, and recommendations features. Elevate has been a reliable component of Avensia’s offering for more than 10 years now, using AI to provide relevancy in all customer interactions across e-commerce site implementations.

Screenshot from Dormy.com

We liked what we saw in the partnership between Avensia and Voyado. The track record of this duo showed several successful implementations with some very well-known brands. They could also show that they could do it on time without compromising the quality of the result, Anders continues.


For Dormy, the decision to implement the combined Avensia and Voyado solution has proven to be a success. The project was finished on time and in the first four months after the launch, the numbers were satisfying as the new modular and composable architecture was performing immediately. When evaluating the numbers, the conversion rate had increased by 27% and at the same time, search exits were down by 14,6%.

We were impressed by the fast and smooth delivery process. Only weeks after we went live, the new site was delivering great numbers in terms of customer engagement as well as the overall performance, said Anders Wall, CEO at Dormy.

Backed by these excellent customer engagement numbers it came as no surprise that the increase in revenue showed an 15,7% by the end of the period.

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