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Voyado Elevate & Epinova Boost Malorama Retailer with AI Solution

Voyado Elevate & Epinova Boost Malorama Retailer with AI Solution

In a powerhouse alliance, Voyado and Epinova have collaborated to adhere to the needs of Malorama, a leading Norwegian surface treatment supplier. This collaboration has already proven effective for their ecommerce website, Fargerike

Epinova is a knowledgeable and experienced leader in the modern world of commerce. They understand how to help customers become a competitive force in their industry, and we are confident that customers will benefit from their expertise in delivering state-of-the-art commerce.
- Simon Fredriksson, Partner Manager at Voyado

What were the challenges that needed to be solved with this solution?

Therese Jensen of Epinova explains, “As a specialist store, the combination of professional competence and the quality product is Fargerike's strongest competitive advantage. This advice needs to be digitized in a smart way to meet the customers' expectations and needs. For Fargerike, it was desirable for the customer to experience the same level of service and expertise regardless of channel - store, telephone, chat or online store.”

fargerike ecommerce website
Screenshot of Fargerikes website

How did they do it?

Often to build an effective ecommerce eco-system, organizations need a redesign, combining multiple components to create an efficient, shopper friendly platform. Which is exactly the approach that was taken in this instance, the strategic act of combing components to optimize the Fargerike website.

Jensen elaborates,

The new online store uses machine learning. It can be about floors and moldings, or colors and patterns that fit together. Experience shows that artificial intelligence provides a high degree of relevance, which in turn contributes to increased conversion.

fargerike products
Products on fargerikes website

The components and systems that make up this ecommerce redesign includes a combination of machine learning technology and automation. The ecommerce sales process from product search to product delivery needs to work congruently together for a smooth and efficient shopper experience.
For this project, Voyado Elevate (relevance and search), DRIW (logistics), Optimizely – formerly known as EPiServer Commerce (platform), inRiver PIM (product information management), Klarna (payment), Linbak (CRM and loyalty club), Makeplans (Booking system), and Postnord (physical delivery), were used to develop a new, effective system for Malorama.

Most systems are affected by this project; checkout system, PIM, customer service system, ERP solution, online store solution - everything must talk together, only then can they offer the customer a channel-independent and comprehensive service.
- Therese Jensen, Epinova

What results have been proven?

Thanks to Voyado Elevate and the collaborating partners, Fargerike, is seeing rates of around 40% of visitors using the search feature and resulting in a search phrase conversion rate of 11-12%.


Retailers rely on their ability to engage customers and meet needs that are constantly changing online and offline. For Malorama, they needed an innovative and efficient system, and we are very proud to be a strategic provider for such an iconic company.
- Simon Fredriksson, Voyado

Product on Fargerike website
Product on Fargerikes website

While the Elevate search feature has proved a successful solution in Malorama’s case, Voyado provides e-retailors with a multitude of options beyond site search and recommendations, that contribute to website optimization. Site navigation and Email recommendations individually and collaboratively prove astounding results amongst Voyado product users. With an impressive and innovate history over the past 21 years, Voyado ecommerce solutions are reliable and consistently evolving with the progression of artificial intelligence technology, to dramatically improve the efficiency of the online shopping experience.

We are looking forward to working with Epinova on innovative potential projects in the future and are eager to learn how Malorama will continue to benefit from this collaboration.

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