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Apptus Academy is developed for Partners and Customers with the purpose to provide training and share knowledge.

Apptus Academy provides courses, best practices, examinations and certifications for both Merchandisers and Developers in terms of getting to learn about Apptus eSales in different ways depending on the role how to integrate with Apptus eSales. There are three different courses to choose from: Overview, Business and Developer.

Apptus Academy Courses

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To get access to Academy we need to know a few things about the user:

  • company
  • first name and last name
  • email
  • which courses to get access to

Provide this information to your Apptus eSales contact and we will make sure you are up and running as soon as possible!

We love feedback

Remember the Feedback section after each finished course. Your feedback helps us to improve!
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